Auto Reply

Auto reply for your Formate

This is an app that sends an email when a submission is received on your Formate instance using Deta Space scheduled action. It is customisable to work with any Formate submission data allowing you to designate a form field as the email address and another as the addressee name.

It is designed to work with another Deta Space app as the SMTP relay and it allows you to merge form data into the email body.

The user interface is kept simple. It allows you to see your Formate submissions and the email acknowledgement status. It allows you to send an email by selecting an email and the contents of your email. It uses the the same SMTP Relay.

Documentation on this app is available at milynnus Blog-Doc under the tag autoreply

Developer's Notes:

  • this is a beta release
  • you can expect some enhancements
  • the SMTP Relay app will be published shortly

Install the app

Auto Reply

The app is available on Deta Space Discovery.

Configure the app

You will need to configure the app by going to Settings > Configuration

Here's a brief explanation on each of the requested data :

  • FORMATE_API_KEY this used in the app for the Formate api to retrieve the raw submission data of a form
  • FORMATE_SUBMISSIONS this the name of the Deta base containing the submissions
  • FORMATE_HOSTNAME this is the hostname of your Formate instance
  • FORMATE_DATA_KEY this is used to access the submissions and publications data. The publications data allows for translation of the key fields to be consistent with what was presented to the form user.
  • SMTP_URL this is the instance url of the SMTP Relay

Email Fillers

After completing the above configuration and you open the app for the first time, a email_filler base is created for you and the key is the FORMATE_SUBMISSIONS.

See the The App UI section below.

You can now customise the default text for your auto reply.

  • subject : this is for the subject line
  • open : this is for the opening paragraph
  • main : this is for the main email body
  • close : this is for the closing paragraph

You can use
for line breaks. This works for most emails that supports html.

In addition, you and specify the following :

  • email : this is the form field name for the email
  • addressee : this will be the form field name for your contact. Typically it will be the first name of submitted on your form.

Merge form data into email body

You can use the following notation to include form data into your reply by using {{ Form Field Name }} anywhere in the filler for main

Here's an example of what you can specify in main

Thank for your interest in our offering. You have selected {{ Interest }} on the form. We will study the details of your requirements provided by you : {{ Detail Requirements }}

The App UI

Here's and example of the UI. The field names are what appears on the Formate form. You will noticed that a status field and a key field. For emails that has been auto replied it will have a email ack in it.

UI Feb 14

There is a button Send a message. When you click on the button you will be present with this pop up for you to send an email.

Send a message

** Note that there is no preview of the email. Please check your form before submitting the the form **

There is a button Update a submission. When you click on the button you will be present with this pop up and this allows you to :

  • set an expiry on the submission (checkbox checked + days > 0)
  • cancel an expiry that was previously set (checkbox checked + days < 0)
  • delete the submission immediately (checkbox checked + days = 0)
  • sent the reply again by change the status to anything other than
    • email ack
    • Set to expire

Update a submission

There is a button Edit email fillers. When you click on the button you will be present with this pop up for you make changes to the current default values for email fillers.

Edit email fillers

Scheduled actions

The scheduled action is set to 15 mins. This can be changed depending on your requirements.

Email Example

This is an email from Auto Reply app sent using mySMTP

Email Example

Using your own SMTP Relay

You can use your own SMTP relay as long as it will accepts the following payload in a POST request:

    "email": [
        item[filler['email']], ""
    "subject": filler['subject'],
    "body": {
        "first_name": item[filler['addressee']],
        "open": filler['open'],
        "main": merged_main,
        "close" : filler['close'],

The main is the output of merge process that will take the form values and include it as part of the text.